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Atlanta’s 2012 FIVE STAR Wealth Managers Announced

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Atlanta, GA (October 1, 2012) – Robert (Robby) E. Schultz, III has been named as 2012 FIVE STAR Wealth Managers by Atlanta Magazine and Five Star Professional in the October 2012 edition of the magazine. The individuals who receive this award are selected based on a rigorous research process and represent less than 4% of 18,400 Wealth Managers in the Atlanta area.

This marks the third time that Robby has been named as FIVE STAR Wealth Managers by Atlanta Magazine and Five Star Professional (2009, 2010, and 2012).

2012 Atlanta Five Star Wealth Managers

In a consumer study about dynamics between wealth managers and their clients, Five Star Professional polled wealth managers and consumers about communications. Both groups said that connecting three to four times a year is the right communications strategy, but expectations are not aligned in all areas:
  • 29% of consumers want to be contacted by their wealth manager whenever events require an update; only 7% of wealth managers say they contact clients based on the impact of events.
  • 63% of consumers say they receive the right amount of communication from their wealth manager.
From research conducted by Five Star Professional, April 2011.

Wealth managers, broadly defined, are those individuals who help you manage your financial world and/or implement aspects of your financial strategies. Common examples of wealth managers are financial advisors, financial planners, investment advisers, tax advisors and estate planning attorneys.

How do you find a wealth manager with experience, who has a good base of clients with high retention rates, and who has undergone a regulatory and complaint review? And when you find them, are they accepting new clients?

Atlanta magazine and Five Star Professional partnered to find wealth managers who satisfy 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with wealth managers who provide quality services to their clients. Among many distinguishing attributes, the average one-year client retention rate for this year’s award winners is more than 96 percent.

A Select AWARD - The resulting list of 2012 Five Star Wealth Managers is a select group, representing less than 4 percent of the wealth managers in the Atlanta area.

Although this list is a useful tool for anyone looking for help in managing their financial world or implementing aspects of their financial strategies, it should not be considered exhaustive. Undoubtedly, there are many excellent wealth managers who, for one reason or another, are not on this year’s list.

Award CANDIDATES - In order to consider a broad population of high-quality wealth managers, award candidates are identified by one of three sources: firm nomination, peer nomination or pre-qualification based on industry standing. Self-nominations are not accepted Atlanta award candidates were identified using internal and external research data, including a survey to more than 10,800 registered financial services professionals and all identified financial service companies in the area that are registered with FINRA or the SEC.

Determination of AWARD WINNERS - Award candidates who satisfied 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with wealth managers who provide quality services were named 2012 Five Star Wealth Managers.

Eligibility Criteria – Required 

  1. Credentialed as an investment advisory representative (IAR), a FINRA registered representative, a CPA or a licensed attorney. 
  2. Actively employed as a credentialed professional in the financial services industry for a minimum of five years. 
  3. Favorable regulatory and complaint history review. 
  4. Fulfilled their firm review based on internal firm standards.
  5. Accepting new clients.
Evaluation Criteria – Considered 
  1. One year client retention rate (the average one-year client retention rate of this year’s award winners is more than 96 percent). 
  2. Five year client retention rate.
  3. Non-institutional discretionary and/or non-discretionary client assets administered (this year’s award winners administer an average of $96 million in client assets).
  4. Number of client households served (on average, this year’s award winners serve 222 households).
  5. Education and professional designations.
  • Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of Five Star Wealth Managers.
  • The Five Star award is not indicative of the wealth manager’s future performance.
  • Wealth managers may or may not use discretion in their practice and therefore may not manage their clients’ assets.
  • The inclusion of a wealth manager on the Five Star Wealth Manager list should not be construed as an endorsement of the wealth manager by Five Star Professional or Atlanta magazine.
  • Working with a Five Star Wealth Manager or any wealth manager is no guarantee as to future investment success, nor is there any guarantee that the selected wealth managers will be awarded this accomplishment by Five Star Professional in the future.
  • Five Star Professional is not an advisory firm, and the content of this article should not be considered financial advice. For more information on the Five Star award and the research/ selection methodology, go to
  • 2,660 award candidates in the Atlanta area were considered for the Five Star Wealth Manager award. 607 (approximately 23 percent of the award candidates) were named 2012 Five Star Wealth Managers.
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