Monday, August 27, 2012

The CFA Institute Welcomes Edward (Eddie) Wilcox as a New Charterholder

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We proudly announce that Edward (Eddie) Wilcox, Partner and Financial Adviser at Rollins Financial, has successfully completed the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst® Program and has been accepted by the CFA Institute as a new charterholder. The CFA designation was introduced in 1963, and it has since become one of the most respected and recognized investment credentials in the world for its rigorous focus on current investment knowledge, practical analytical skills, and performing in the client’s best interest.

When Eddie decided to earn his CFA designation, he embarked on a graduate-level study program that combines a comprehensive curriculum with stringent professional conduct requirements. The program concludes once candidates pass three consecutive and increasingly difficult exams that are widely considered to be among the most intensive in the investing profession. Only around one in five candidates who enroll in the CFA Program pass all three exams and meet the professional and ethical requirements to earn the charter. Earning the designation demonstrates Eddie's mastery of the skills most needed for investment analysis and decision making in today's fast-evolving global financial industry.

"Earning the CFA charterholder has been challenging but rewarding. I believe the knowledge I've gained will be an invaluable supplement to my financial work experience as it has provided me with a strong foundation from which to draw when analyzing investments and managing portfolios," explained Eddie.

Eddie has worked for Rollins Financial for over 10 years, joining the firm as a client specialist and asset manager, and becoming a partner in 2007. His primary responsibilities are designing and modeling complex investment strategies and coordinating their successful implementation with other members of the investment advisory group. Eddie is also Rollins Financial’s chief compliance officer, and as such, he is responsible for ensuring that we are in compliance with regulatory and legal obligations.

Since completing the CFA program, Eddie has been enjoying spending some quality time with his family again. Eddie’s wife, Jennifer, also works at Rollins, and she is especially proud of his accomplishment. After all of his hard work, she’s quite happy to see Eddie chasing their very active daughters around instead of his nose being buried in textbooks all the time.

Congratulations, Eddie! We’re so glad you’re on our team.

CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by the CFA Institute.

About Rollins Financial, Inc.

Rollins Financial, Inc. is a SEC registered investment advisory firm that was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1990 by Joseph (Joe) R. Rollins. Joe along with partners Robert (Robby) E. Schultz, III and Edward (Eddie) J. Wilcox offer independent investment management services for individuals, small businesses and corporations.

Rollins Financial employs various investment strategies depending on the specific objectives of each client. Our independence insures that we are able to provide the most objective investment advice since we receive no compensation from any third parties.

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