Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Admittance to Paladin Registry Awarded

For Immediate Release

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Sacramento, CA (February 18, 2009) – Paladin announced that Eddie Wilcox has been admitted to the Registry and he has been awarded Paladin’s Five Star quality designation.

The Paladin Registry ( provides free public services to investors who use the services of financial planners and advisors. Since its inception, more than 300,000 investors have used the Registry to learn how to avoid bad financial advice, to learn how to select high quality advisors, to find competent, trustworthy professionals, to rate current advisors, and to review advisor documentation for credentials, ethics, and business practices.

Jack Waymire, Paladin founder and author of the highly regarded book Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor (ISBN 0471476994, John Wiley & Sons, December, 2003) said, “Registry services solve three major problems for investors who rely on planners and advisors to achieve their financial goals. First, it’s not easy for investors to find high quality advisors. Second, when they find advisors they may not know the right questions to ask to determine their quality. And third, they may not know good answers from bad ones. Consequently, millions of investors hire the wrong advisors for the wrong reasons and fire them within two years.”

Waymire went on to say, “The Registry solves the quality problem by having the highest minimum standards in the financial services industry. Planners and advisors must complete a comprehensive questionnaire and score in the top 10% of their profession to be admitted to the Registry. In addition, they must be Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) or Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs), acknowledge their fiduciary status, provide independent advice, and work for fees.”

Waymire confirmed that only a small percentage of practicing planners and advisors can meet the Registry’s strict requirements. He said, “We focus on the top tier of professionals who are paid to help investors achieve their financial goals. We exclude the bottom 90% who are frequently paid commissions to sell investment and insurance products. Anyone who isn’t paid to help investors achieve their financial goals is a potential risk.”

He added, “This risk exists because the financial services industry has no minimum standards for advisors. There are no education requirements, not even a high school diploma, and no experience requirements. In fact, 18 year olds and people with criminal records can obtain securities licenses. The combination of no standards and no disclosure requirements create a major risk for investors and the Paladin Registry is one of the few resources that help them avoid the risk.”

About Paladin Registry, LLC
Paladin is an information services company and not a financial services company. The Registry provides free public services to investors who use the services of financial planners and advisors. The four primary services are investor education, advisor search, advisor ratings, and advisor documentation. Visit Paladin’s website at for additional information.

About Rollins Financial, Inc.
Rollins Financial, Inc. is a SEC registered investment advisory firm that was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1990 by Joseph (Joe) R. Rollins. Joe along with partners Robert (Robby) E. Schultz, III and Edward (Eddie) J. Wilcox offer independent investment management services for individuals, small businesses and corporations.

Rollins Financial employs various investment strategies depending on the specific objectives of each client. Our independence insures that we are able to provide the most objective investment advice since we receive no compensation from any third parties.

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